Tuition and Fees

Even with the sacrifices of our teachers and volunteers, the tuition does not cover the cost of operating our school.
In order to keep our tuition within the ability of as many families as possible, we rely on the parents to help with the cleaning and any maintenance projects or fund raising activities.
We also rely heavily on the generosity of others who live up to the new code of canon law: “The faithful are to  promote Catholic schools, doing every-thing possible to help in establishing and maintaining them”  (Can. 800.2).

Kindergarten (Classes are Monday, Wednesday & Friday  mornings from 8:15 am – 11:45 pm)

The cost per student is $500
In the event a family has students in upper grades, the cost of Kindergarten drops to $250.

Grades 1 – 12
$2,500 for 1 Child
$3,800 for 2 Children
$5,000 for 3 or more Children per year

*Tuition is payable at the beginning of the year or in 10 or 12 monthly installments.  Monthly payments are due at the first of the month from September – June.

Consumable Texts
Grade 1 – $39.90  (Phonics, Reading, English, Spelling, Math & Science)
Grade 2 – $24.22  (Phonics, Spelling, Math)
Grade 3 – $29.05  (Phonics, Reading, English, Math, Map Skills/Geography)
Grade 4 – $26.53  (Phonics, Reading, English, Math, Map Skills/Geography)
Grade 5 – $27.02 (Phonics, English, Math, History, Assignment Notebook, Map Skills/Geography)
Grade 6 – $36.54 (Phonics, English, Math, Science, History, Assignment Notebook, Map Skills/Geography)
Grade 7 & 8 – $32.48 (Reading, Math, Science,  Assignment Notebook, Map Skills/Geography)

Janitorial Fee
Since tuition does not allow for any frills, the parents voted to pay $154.00 per year to hire a janitor to do the school cleaning. (Hallways, Bathrooms, etc.)

It is also the parental responsibility to participate in the end of year summer cleanup. This includes a thorough cleaning of classrooms, painting, floor scrubbing and playground maintenance.  Filling the wood room is a must.  See Fire Wood Policy.