2.1.23 Kickoff for Stamps for Mission Begins

Collection of Stamps for Missions

The 2023 Stamps for Missions is underway and will run until the end of April.  This year’s goal has been set at 18,000 stamps.  Each year we strive to meet our goal and when we do we earn a day off of school.

For each hundred stamps the school collects, a bar is marked on the chart.

When we reach a thousand stamps, everyone in school is given a privilege or reward.

The top 3 students who turn in the most stamps will receive a special reward.

Helping the missions is an act of love and sacrifice.  The sacrifice may be asking family, friends, relatives or businesses to help save canceled stamps.

Missionaries receive funds from the sale of these stamps.  These funds help people in need in many parts of the world who reach out to us.

Will you reach out, by asking, searching and finding stamps for them?

Help us earn our desired goal.  Turn in our cancelled stamps today!