Stamps For Missions Feb – April 2023

What are Stamps For Missions?
Queen of the Holy Rosary School collects canceled or unused stamps to send to the Missions for Christ’s Poor and they in turn receive money for their mission.
The money from the stamps we send them will purchase clean water and food for the children.

How does Stamps For Missions work?
Collect unused or canceled stamps.  We set a school stamp goal and every time a goal is met, the students are rewarded with a pizza party, ice cream party or even a day off of school!
The top three students to turn in the most stamps also received special a reward.

What is our goal?
The goal for 2023 has been set for 20,000 stamps.

In 2022 our goal was set for 16,000 stamps.  By the end of the collection, our students and staff had over the set goal amount and earned a day off of school.

How Can I help?
Begin by collecting any canceled out stamps.  New stamps also work well.  Stamps that are rare and different from the “Forever Stamps – Flag” work best.  Stamps that are pre-inked on the envelope do not count.
When you have a pile of stamps of any amount, turn them into the school by dropping them off or mailing them in.  The stamps are collected in school from February through April.  That gives us time to properly trim them up to size and mail them overseas.

Helping the missions is an act of love and sacrifice.  the sacrifice may mean asking and reminding family, relatives, friends, neighbors and even business to help you save canceled stamps.

Every little amount of stamps turned in helps another in need.  Won’t you do your part?  Start collecting stamps today!